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OsaSync will be discontinued in 2018.
Registering, license extension or subscription renewal is not possible anymore.
Technical support is still available until the end of your subscription period.
OsaSync will continue to run, also after your subscription period has ended.

Our website will be discontinued in May 2018. Our technical support and faq pages will still be available on

We recommend SimpleSYN as an alternative for OsaSync.
It’s cheaper then OsaSync and the company offers a discount of 25% for OsaSync customers. SimpleSYN can be tested 30 days for free.
Use the coupon code OsaSync during the order process (25% off).

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User Comments

"I have never written a software provider before, but I am so pleased with OsaSync Pro I felt I should tell you. My wife and I have a home network and share a single e-mail account. After looking at many alternatives to sharing this account we discovered OsaSync. We have used it for almost 2 years now and have had no problems. In fact we have found new ways to share Contacts, Tasks and the Outlook Calendar since using OsaSync. We have migrated to MS Vista on both computers and had no issues with with Outlook 2003 and OsaSync.
I know from experience in customer service that companies receive more complaints than compliments. I would like you to know that your efforts to produce a great product is appreciated. more than any other software product we have purchased, OsaSync has provided a way to truly benefit from using Outlook to communicate with our family and friends."
John Frasier

"I have to tell you, OsaSync is fantastic... I am finally able to REALLY use my Task list to get things done.  I have been searching for your solution for a long time."
Dr. David Adler

"OsaSync is a consultant's dream come true!
As a working IT consultant, I've gotten real headaches trying to satisfy clients who want to share Outlook without the complexity and expense of Microsoft Exchange. OsaSync Pro is the only Outlook sharing product I've ever seen that hits all the buttons. No-brainer install, integrates into Outlook's menu, and rich in features the real world user wants.
OsaSync Lite should be burned on every consultant's utility CD."
Michael Jordan, Infinet Access LLC

"Here at ClickDrive we try to use technology to reduce operating costs and drive efficiency wherever we can. However, we are not propeller-heads and we often find that powerful applications are either difficult to install, difficult to operate, or both!! Sometimes I feel I spend more time trying to get systems to work, than I do running the business side of things.
OsaSync was a doddle to install and seems to run automatically. It keeps the "main" office computer in synch with my laptop, which means I'm free to run my business with MANY fewer hassles."
Kevin Simmons, Managing Director

"Thank you for a great product. I purchased a PRO license 3 month ago, and it makes my daily life so much easier, at least the outlook part of it. :)"
Jacob Navne, Denmark

"I am so happy with OsaSync that I will quit selling other Outlook sharing software and promote your product. Your prices are also very reasonable."
Robert Russell, PC-PROFI - Frankfurt am Main

"I just installed your free trial and it's been running for some hours now. The installation went perfect and absolutely easy. So far your software seems to be all that I was looking for. It just works perfectly. I already consider buying after just 2 hours of testing."
Alexander Van Eyck (advocate), Belgium

"The only really working and transparent Outlook sync-tool I know. Thanks."
Bernd Gumler

"Kudos, applause, and wild cheers for such a great product. I used to use Syncpst, and I can't believe I didn't know about OsaSync back then...
OsaSync is an outstanding application and "just works"... I'm thrilled. Thanks!"
Ethan Schoonover, Hong Kong

"I just wanted to say how wonderful I think OsaSync is. For a year or so I have been struggling with Syncpst which took a lot of time to synch.
OsaSync works so seamlessly across my home network Its a really valuable easy to use tool."
Lesley Munro

"We try a lot of different alternative solutions to exchange but your solution seems to be one of the best."
Paul Antys
, PAC Systems, Eupen, Belgium

"I have sold and implemented 5 Server versions of your software in attorney offices. All of those customers of mine love your product."
Armin A. Finger, Linkanotion, Inc., LaGrangeville NY

"Struth, a software company that listens and responds!!!"
Tim Andrews

"May I say that we have been using this product on 5 networked pc's for some time now, and the recent release has proved very stable and smooth.
You are to be congratulated on a very good product! Many thanks ..."
Pat Smith - ID Promotional Services

"I should add that OsaSync is the best and most useful piece of software I’ve come across in ages."
Brian West, Chamberlain Educational Services Centre, Hong Kong

"You have an excellent product and very fair prices."
J. Christopher Robbins, Esq. - The Robbins Law Firm, P.L.

"Great software and Microsoft should give you a million euros so you can retire and take a big holiday."
Allan Seymour

"You folks really don't know how much better your support is when compared with most of the other companies I must deal with."
Dick Minnick, Troy Michigan USA

"I think this is a “must have” program for all small business!
Great program….. worth every penny!"
Victor - Safety NOW Systems Inc.

"It's the first software that I've ever used to synchronize Outlook that actually worked like I expected it to and like it should - seamless and quietly. Since we are a small office, using Exchange server was not even a consideration and using some of the shared Exchanger servers available would quickly become cost prohibitive as well. Osasync gives us the ability to have one office calendar and one master set of office contacts that everyone has access to.
Finally, tech support is absolutely amazing. It did not have an attitude of superiority as I find with many companies - it was truly a customer service oriented experience."
James D. Dunn - Bailey & Dunn Financial Strategies, Inc.

"This is a marvelous program - a wish come true! I have been previously synchronizing by copying one Outlook pst file over another. OsaSync just makes it so easy! I wish I found it a long time ago!
Besides the product being fabulous, the support is outstanding! OsaSync is worth every $ and more."
Andrew Kornberg

"Again, congratulations on a great and unique product."
Bruce Ballard

"I am ecstatic about finally having an Outlook share system which seems to work 100% !!! After years of trying !!!
Thanks for the excellent support and responsiveness."
Derek Pert -
Loten Media

"Your product seems to work very well. It does seem to help to have only a months worth of email being synchronized, but once the system has been set up in this way, it is no problem and quick to rebuild if required. Certainly it has made a huge difference to the way I can run my business."
Richard Gladwell - ITEC Contracting

"First of all, congrats on a great product. I've tried a few other solutions for keeping everything in sync so far, and I haven't like any of them to use it for more than a day."

"Thanks. OsaSync works well, much better than most software connected with Outlook.
Tony Green

This product looks like it will resolve exactly the problem I am having – sharing contacts on a LAN in a small two-person office."
Ginger Morgan

"I just wanted to send a note to say that your software has been working great. Once it was set up, I haven’t had a single problem."
Rob Rapheal

"We are a small company in New York City suburb. I am the tech that works in the office and I found your amazing software. I am truly in love with how good this works and will be buying many more copies of your software in the near future"

"GREAT Program! I have tried and purchased several others looking for sync of my multiple pst files. Your works very well, and overcomes the weakness of competing products."
Ralph Gallardo - Project Manager, MD Stainless Services Inc.

"I like your software. You did a good job. I reviewed about 5 packages found on the internet. Yours was the cleanest and the least buggy."
Dave Quance - Senior Network Engineer MCSE2K, CCNP, CCDP
Expert Networks

"Thanks again for your help. I am enjoying your program. It is simple to use and works great…it really solved a problem for me of keeping my work and home computers in sync. Please use me for a reference in the future…I am a satisfied user that really likes your program."
Steve Larson - Broker Associate/Notary Public, Frank Howard Allen Realtors

"I believe that this is the second time that I've had a small issue with OsaSync (and this last issue wasn't even your software's fault!). Both times you have had very fast response times (even with the time zone differences). The speed with which you are able to produce patch files and solve the issues is amazing.
I know that I am a "Small Customer" but I appreciate the "Big Customer" personal service. Feel free to post any of that in your User Comment Area!
I've already purchased and installed the program on 3 computers for my parents with the same good results."
Frank Hodson III - Oxford, Maine USA

Read OsaSync review in april 2005 issue of Windows IT Pro magazine




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